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Susan V., Poway, CA

I needed to get some electrical re-done in my home and install new wiring and fixtures for an addition. Based on my past experience, I don’t trust the reviews on YELP. I reached out to my Pando neighborhood group and received 4 recommendations from my neighbors. The contractor I choose responded right away and walked me through the whole process. They had a great price and finished the job on time. I really appreciate having this resource available!


Jim R., Oceanside, CA

I had a plumbing emergency and needed to find a plumber immediately to fix a leak that was causing water damage in my home. I sent my email request and Pando sent me an email a few seconds later with my communities top 3 picks for best plumbers.


Maria S., El Cajon, CA

My husband and I recently moved to the area and needed to find a general contractor for our kitchen remodel. We asked our Pando neighborhood group for help and got excellent referrals from people in the neighborhood who had recently completed their remodels. We could not be happier with the outcome and we will definitely use the Pando community again to help us find a contractor for our next home project.