What are Pando neighborhood groups?

Pando is a community of friends and neighbors that share their experiences and help each other connect with great local contractors and home services.

How do I join my neighborhood group?

Click here to join your neighborhood group.

How do I access my neighborhood group after I join?

Email moderator@askpando.com to ask your neighbors for recommendations or to share your experience with a contractor or home service business. You can also reply to any Pando email.

Can I invite my friends and neighbors to join?

Yes! The more people you know and trust that join will increase the number of ratings, reviews, and experiences that are shared that benefit you and the community. Invite friends and neighbors now:
Click here to invite

Can I invite a friend to join if they're not in my neighborhood?

Yes! You can add friends to your community network, even if they live in another neighborhood. Invite friends now:
Click here to invite

Will I see my friend's requests and recommendations if they're not in my neighborhood?

Yes! You will see everything from your community network, including what your friends are up to even if they don’t live in your neighborhood. Invite friends now:
Click here to invite

Who is Pando?

Pando is a technology platform that supports the neighborhood groups by helping community members connect with each other, share ratings and reviews, and connect with great contractors and home service businesses.

How many neighborhood groups are there?

Currently, there are 195 neighborhood groups. Groups are formed as members join in new geographic areas. Once we have a minimum of 50 people interested we can form a new group.

How do I start a neighborhood group if one does not exist for my area?

Email moderator@askpando.com and let us know you want to start a group in your area. Once we have at minimum of 50 people interested in a neighborhood we can form a new group.

Why do you ask for my home address?

We ask for current home address for two reasons. First, we want to assign you to the correct neighborhood and we support hundreds of neighborhood groups in a metro area. Second, confirming your address helps ensure the quality of the group discussions and prevent fake reviews. We validate that it’s a real address and, when possible, we check the homeowner name on public records.

Do contractors and home service businesses pay to be included in the community?

No advertisement is allowed. Community members share their experience working with contractors and home service businesses. Businesses can't pay to be included.

What do I do if I have a bad experience with a business that I found through the neighborhood group?

Please, please, please share your experience with the community. The value of this group is that people share their positive and negative experiences.

When I request a recommendation for contractor or home service business, how are my top picks selected?

Pando compiles ratings and reviews of your friends and neighbors. The more closely someone is connected to you the more influence their rating and reviews have on your top picks.

Why is this better than using YELP, Home Advisor, or Angie’s list?

Pando only allows verified reviews from your friends and neighbors. No advertisement is allowed and businesses can’t pay to be included. When you need a home service pro, Pando gives you personalized rankings based on your specific community network's top picks.

How is this different from Nextdoor?

Pando does not allow ads, is a community focused exclusively on home services, and allows you to invite your friends that may live outside your immediate neighborhood, which allows you to benefit from their recommendations and experiences.

How are the ratings and reviews different from Google or Facebook?

Pando does not allow businesses to filter out negative reviews like Google and Facebook and only allows verified reviews from your friends and neighbors.

Can I promote my business if I live in the neighborhood?

Yes! If you live in the neighborhood and you are a contractor or own a home service business we will list you in the local business directory. Click here to share a brief description of your services and why your neighbors should hire you.

Can I advertise my business on the neighborhood groups?

No advertisement is allowed. However, we can send a survey to all your past customers and the ratings and reviews will be shared with the community. This can provide positive exposure and improve your businesses ranking in the community.

How does Pando make money

Pando is a business and is exploring ways to create value for top-rated home service companies. Ratings and recommendations of home service businesses are only generated by community feedback. Businesses can’t pay to be included in Pando recommendations or influence their ratings.